Farmers' market in Černošice

Seasonal farmers' market in Černošice takes place every other Saturday from Mai to October (for the closest date see the calendar). It's located close to the railway station on a line connecting Prague and Karlštejn. Make a break on your tour to the historical sight and discover a pleasant atmosphere of a village market that gives you an opportunity to buy fresh local food products.

Farmers' market in Černošice is organized by a civil association TAK, o.s. Our market is carefully managed. We have strict rules for quality and selection of vendors. We prefer locally grown food products, where possible.

Our idea is on one hand to help farmers to get the opportunity to sell their commodities directly to consumers without an intermediary which means to get better price and not to be under pressure of wholesale stores. We also presume and hope that our activity will contribute to renewing of farming traditions in an area that suffers close proximity to the capital city. 

We are also reacting to the increased interest in healthier food and trying to create an offer that you would not find in a local supermarket selling products from very remote places. We would like to show the locals that it is not necessary to buy apples produced in Italy, chicken packaged in Poland and yogurt made in Germany. Fruits and vegetables sold on our market are picked at the peak of flavor, milk is drawn that very day early in the morning, and chicken slaughtered the evening before the selling day. We guarantee that you will get fresh products that preserve their nutritional content!

Come and see, taste, and have a picnic afterwards!

What can you buy on the farmers' market in Černošice? (Our offer varies according to the season)

Bakery products - from bakers in Černošice and Karlštejn

Smoked meat products - from producers from Řevnice and Černošice

Milk and dairy products - from family farm Homolka in Běleč and another family goat farm Čapí letka in Mokřice

Vegetables – an organic farm Kořének and fields of Mr. Kubeš from Trávčice

Fruits - an organic farm Kořének and fields of Mr. Kubeš from Trávčice

Meat – chickens kept on straw, Mr. Beran farm in Pracejovice, organic farm of Mr. Holovský in Trněný Újezd

100% natural juice - producer Stará dáma from North Bohemia

Potatoes – an eco farm Čapí letka in Mokřice

Goat cheese and milk – an eco farm Čapí letka in Mokřice

Home made jam - Mr. Bečan from Prague

Honey – Mrs. Konvalinka and Mr. Kužel from Skryje, a producer from Černošice

Wine – wine culture Pálek from Úvaly

Syrup - home made syrups from Mrs. Boháčová, Prague

Fresh fish - Mr. Dubyna from Vsoký Újezd (fish are from South Bohemia)

Cidre – producer Mr. Kliment from Černošice

Plants - freshly cut flowers and pot plants from Inflore



Come and see

This year (2014) season starts on 3. May at 8:00 am! You are very welcomed!


Černošické trhy

u mokropeského nádraží
Zdeňka Lhoty 505

Lucie Jislová
(+420 604 316 775)

Eva Bachiri
(+420 733 730 725)

Kristýna Petrová
(+420 604 862 449)

Trh připravuje

Karlštejnská 261

252 28 Černošice

IČ: 22903321

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